Neelkanth Rubber Mills established in 1986, has been manufacturing quality products, Upgrading design & Technology of production plants year after year. Neelkanth started journey with the manufacturing of TRANSMISSION RUBBER BELTS and then, we upgraded our production and technology for the manufacturing of RUBBER CONVEYOR BELTS. In RUBBER CONVEYOR BELTS technological up-gradation was the key to the success of Neelkanth Rubber Mills, as such we started CONVEYOR BELTS with cotton fabric, which was later upgraded to NN & EP Fabrics in the year 2008-09. We again cope up within the up-gradation of Technology in CONVEYOR BELTS by establishing the manufacturing of STEEL CORD CONVEYOR BELTS.


In 20 years of intensive activity and fast growth in this industry, Neelkanth has achieved a leading position with significant success. State-of-the art technology is successfully expressed through cutting-edge quality that combines functionality and innovation. Past and future developments are all based on customer-oriented technological research to translate innovation into solutions that anticipate industry needs. In Neelkanth, we have added up experience, knowledge, innovation, dedication and team spirit into a homogeneous overall concept, the results are synergies which benefit one person above all: our customer. Our quality conveyor Belts, not only convey the material but convey it more profitably with lower cost per ton conveyed which can be achieved with superior performance under tough conditions.